We offer a fabric sample service that gives you the option to try the material before you buy, all of our samples are charged at £1.

Here at Calico Laine we are pleased to offer a sample service on certain fabrics. We often get asked a variety of different questions regarding samples.

Listed below is a list of the most common questions we get asked:

1) How much do you charge for samples?

All samples are charged at £1.50 per sample.

2) Do you offer discounts on samples?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any discounts on samples, regardless of how many are purchased. 

3) Do you send samples internationally?

No, we no longer ship goods outside of the UK after Brexit.

4) Do you charge P&P on samples within the UK?

There is no P&P on samples sent within the UK.

5) How many samples can I order?

There is a maximum of 10 samples per order.

6) How do I order samples?

The quickest and much preferred way is to order samples is online via our website. Every product that is available to order as a sample has an Order Sample button next to the Add to Cart button on the product page.

7) How big are your samples?

Fabric samples are all cut by hand and measure approximately 6cm x 12cm. Samples of other products will vary.

8) Can I have a zip sample?

We don't offer any samples of zips. All zips are for sale on our website and can be returned if unsuitable (see returns section for more information)

9) Can I have a metre of fabric as a sample?

No, this is not a sample quantity, so this would need to be purchased either online or over the phone.

11) How long will my samples take to arrive?

Typically, you will receive your samples within 3 working days. If they are urgent we do offer a next working day delivery. This is priced at £8.50 and is a UK based service only. The quickest and preferred way to order samples is online via our website.

12) How are my samples sent?

All samples are sent with Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery.

13) How will I know what each fabric is?

Each and every sample is attached to a sample card and on this card it will have the price, width, name and composition of the fabric.

14) I'm a business can I have free samples?

No, all samples are charged at £1.50.

15) Do you provide colours charts of all your fabrics?

This is something we have available instore only and these charts are not for sale and cannot be borrowed under any circumstance.

16) How long is the price valid on my sample card?

The price quoted on all sample cards is valid for one month only and is subject to change without prior notification.

17) Can I order samples over the phone?

Although we can take sample orders over the phone it is much quicker and much preferred to order samples online. Ordering samples over the phone will take approximaltey 3-5 working days to arrive.

18) I need a number of samples and only one zip, can I have free P&P?

No, as this then becomes an order for more than samples.

19) Why do you charge for samples?

We hire 2 members full time to look after our samples and we also don't charge P&P on UK samples. This is why we need to charge for samples.

20) I have received my samples and want to reorder them again so I can send them to my friend/family so they can see them. How do i do this?

Simply log in to your account online and go previous orders and select the  're-order' button.

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