Gingham Fabrics



Gingham is a medium weight fabric that features a distinctive check pattern. Gingham, a woven Check Fabric which means that the check pattern is shown on both sides of the fabric.

Gingham Fabrics

Featuring a distinctive check pattern, Gingham Fabrics are a medium weight material woven with checks visible on both sides. Its versatility has made it a popular choice for dressmaking and crafting projects. Specifically, Gingham is ideal for school uniforms and summer clothing due to its light and comfortable nature against the skin. Its easy care attributes ensure school uniforms remain presentable for the whole term. Not limited to just school uniforms, Gingham is also a popular choice for children's casual clothing, baby clothes, and adult summer wear such as shirts and blouses.

Moreover, Gingham is a suitable choice for homeware, particularly for country-themed kitchen projects like aprons, tablecloths, and tea cosies. Adding cheerful Gingham co-ordinates can brighten up a kitchen and even be used for lightweight curtains. In recent years, Gingham Check Fabric has gained popularity for bunting, becoming a must-have for vintage-themed weddings.

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