Cotton Plain Fabrics



Our Cotton Plains are not only ideal for dressmaking but are perfect for all of your craft projects including patchwork and quilting.

Cotton Plain Fabrics

Our Cotton Plain Fabrics are made of 100% cotton and offer a wide variety of dressmaking options. The cotton plain fabric is particularly well-suited for summer dresses and skirts, given its breathability and soft feel. Our Lifestyle Cotton Fabrics provide added stretch for comfort and flexibility, while maintaining a professional appearance and lasting durability. Customers trust our Plain Cotton Fabrics for their versatility and exceptional quality.

Not limited to dressmaking, our Cotton Plains are perfect for a variety of crafting projects, such as patchwork and quilting. With an extensive range of colours available, there is a Plain Cotton Fabric suitable for every project, from a cosy patchwork quilt to a chic summer dress.

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